All Hallows Eve

Halloween is a wonderful time of year. Its full of cheer for kids. History and more history about the past. For others it is a chance to celebrate our ancestors during Samhain. It is filled with All Hallow Eves past. Centuries of celebration and rituals.

It’s time for children to dress up as beloved characters and enjoy candy apples, candy bars and other sweets. I have many fond memories of Halloween, hanging out with friends, going door to door in the neighborhood stocking up on candy that would last for months. It was fun dressing up and pretending to be a character! Those were great times!!

While I was celebrating Halloween, others were celebrating Samhain, which is a Sabbat that honors our ancestors, beginning during the darker time of the year. It is considered a prime time where the spirit world can be contacted. Those who celebrate this Sabbat believe “it’s the time when the veil between this world and the next is at its thinnest (Wikipedia).” It is a great time to contact those who you have lost.

To those who celebrate Halloween, have a safe and great time “trick-or-treating” or going to parties!

To those who celebrate Samhain enjoy your rituals and reminiscing in the past year and celebrating the new year!

May everyone enjoy this wonderful time of the year, full of changes and celebrations!

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