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Seeking Happiness

When I opened up my email this morning I received this quote from Esther and Jerry Hicks – “The basis

Teachers In Our Lives

What is a teacher? Who is a teacher? At 69, I’ve had many, many teachers in this lifetime. People, places,

Planting, Growing, Nurturing

A fellow teacher and relative, posted on Facebook, early this morning, “Find Your Marigold: The One Essential Rule For New


  As another summer seaside leads me back to school, I again realize, “a teacher am I.” “My paths toward

Finding True Happiness

Change has been a topic near and dear to my heart throughout my life, even though at times the change

Newly Separated. 2 Young Kids. 1 Bun In The Oven. A Business To Run.

How does a woman grow a successful business, be a fantastic mother, follow her dreams and live a full life