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Ology, a suffix “at the end of a word,” “body of knowledge,”… Attending Authentic Women’s Circle (AWC), one recent Sunday,

Finding a healthy medium

Hi everyone! I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about healthy eating, exercising and what I want to do stay

Eating Healthy is not easy…

So I fell off the curb with my healthy eating and exercising, I fell hard… I started eating poorly again,

Eating healthy is not easy

So I’m heading towards almost 2 months since I began doing the 21 Day Fix to begin to adopt healthy

Healthy Journey

I’ve decided to continue using The 21 Day Fix as my exercise and healthy eating plan continues to make my

Healthy Journey Day 21 and Day 22

Hi everyone. I completed the first 21 days of the 21 Day Fix. Some days were more difficult than others.

Healthy Journey continues Day 14

  One more week of the 21 Day Fix then it’s up to me to keep going. Each day has

Healthy Journey Day 6!

  Hey Everyone! I want to continue to share my weight-loss, health journey as I am going through this life

Time to get healthy!

    Today I began a 21 day program that promotes healthy eating and exercise. I am excited to begin