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We Are One

We Are One No one Owns Wonder…meant to be shared, always.


All Life Lessons Open When Ingenuity Necessitates Growth  

Mirror Images

“This moment, not yesterday, not tomorrow, not forever, not whenever, I am, this is, it will be, ENOUGH…”


“Silent, alone, inside. Swirling, twirling, whirling. Mindful, thoughtful, hopeful. Toward abundance, authenticity, and an awakening self.”


clearing ones mind opening ones heart allowing newness and “in the moment,” awakenings creating joy, laughter, love, and peace within.

Good Stuff is Coming…

Obstacles: Climb! …around, over, under, on. …get through, move forward, move on!🌟✨💫 Good stuff: waiting, beckoning!🌟✨💫 ~ Cheryl G Boucher

Feeling Content

Making memories Experiences, events Family forever Friendships fulfilling Precious life-partners Cherished children Grandchildren, grateful Nieces, nephews Parents, “presents” People, places,

New England…

  hunkered… clunkered… sunkered… bunkered… in, + out + down. Mother Nature you win, this New England winter’s Tough-Mudder! Yup.

Feeling Peaceful

Spring, waiting change, growth, hope under the snow that I know…