Finding True Happiness

Change has been a topic near and dear to my heart throughout my life, even though at times the change has been difficult. Changes that ranged from moving to a different town, changing schools, trying a new sport and making new friends to name a few.

Change can be perceived as both good and bad depending on when it is happeing in your life and what the change is.

A choice I made in December 2014 about my career and the company I worked for has caused many changes in my life.

In the beginning I was sad about the changes, unsure of my choice and mad at the situation specific people had put me through and those who had allowed it. I was beyond bored in my job at the company I was working for. The companies ethics and business decisons went against what I feel is correct. The company was falling apart in my eyes. I felt frustrated, stuck, angry and sad I was feeling this way about a company I once adored.

I knew I neeed to make a change to feel happy in my work life once again. Unure of what this change should be, I began applying to all types of different jobs. I went on interviews, was offered a few jobs, but none of the jobs seemed like a good fit. As time went by anger and frustration became my friend. Boy, did I have pity parties for myself! One after another and another…I was not liking the negative person I was becoming. I had a difficult time finding the good in anything during this time.

One of my friends provided me with my Ah-Ha moment, to paraphrase, she said you can’t stay angry, you’re here, find something positive. It was a light bulb moment for me. In order to receive positive, I needed to think positive.

Soon after, I re-applied to a job I has turned down ands was offered the job again. The job was in a different field, paid well and got me out of my current job, which I was loathing. My last week at the job I loathed I received a call from a job I had applied to months ago, and it was my dream job. I got an interview!

Positive thoughts bring positive outcomes.

I began my job at the other company and began interviewing for the job I really wanted. The process took about a month, but in the end I got my dream job!

I am now a true believer in the law of attraction.

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