Giving Thanks


During the month of November I feel it is important to remember everything we have to be grateful for.

In the fast paced society we live in sometimes we do not have time to reflect on “what’s good.”

Good can be as small as enjoying a walk, eating a yummy food or as big as welcoming a new life or a huge life event such as marriage.

Take time each day to reflect on “what’s good” in your life. There are many ways to accomplish this each day. Create a gratitude journal in a notebook or on your phone, before you go to sleep name some “goods” in your life. Any time you have to yourself, use to remember the positives.

This time will help to carry you when things may go astray.

As this article comes to a close think about the many aspects of your life that you are grateful for. Let these good “vibes” lead you in to a joyful holiday season.

Be Happy, Be Joyful!

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