Healthy Journey continues Day 14



One more week of the 21 Day Fix then it’s up to me to keep going.

Each day has not been all healthy choices. Some days are better than others, but I am learning! I now recognize how different I feel when eating healthy food vs. junk food. I still crave junk food like crazy, but am trying to find healthy substitutes.

Exercising has been a lot of fun, most days. I actually look forward to it! There have been days where I feel like I’m to sore to move. But each time I exercise it gets easier.

This week is the final push with a coach to keep me on my toes. Going forward it will be all up to me. I am ready and feel better prepared now more than ever.

I can’t wait to have this lifestyle incorporated in my life! It will become a habit.

Comment below and tell me what you do for exercise or healthy eating. I’d love to hear from you.

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