Healthy Journey Day 6!



Hey Everyone! I want to continue to share my weight-loss, health journey as I am going through this life changing process.

I am using 21 Day Fix with a Coach from BeachBody to jump-start this process. I need to be held accountable and to have guidelines in the beginning for me to be successful this time!

I am on day 6 and just completed a 30 minute yoga dvd. In the past 6 days there have been great days where eating and exercising were no problem at all and then other days where eating healthy proved difficult or I was sore from a previous workout still but had to push through another workout.

This health path so far has opened my eyes to my boredom, not hungry eating, my poor eating habits (i.e. junk food) and off and on exercise attempts.

Through out the years I have lost the weight, felt good, then rewarded myself with foods. Slowly slinking back in to my bad eating habits. My hope is to find other ways to reward myself. I am working on this with my Coach.


Here’s to beginning week 2 on this three week journey!

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One comment on “Healthy Journey Day 6!

  1. Linda says:

    You can do it! You have the mind and will power to commit and succeed. I have been keeping the Oreos on my side of the cube. You have my full support. I know you will do it.