Healthy Journey

I’ve decided to continue using The 21 Day Fix as my exercise and healthy eating plan continues to make my body healthy & strong as I head toward my Forties.

I had an epiphany the other day–I was stressed and just having a bad day at work, could not pull myself out of it.

My emotional eating is controllable if I pause for a moment and think what will make e feel better- a healthy meal with fruits & vegetables or Fast Food of some kind? Of course eating  healthy foods make me feel better & have more energy.

Moving forward before I go pick something to eat I am going to ask myself a few questions: Am I hungry, thirsty, bored or stressed? If bored or stressed, I will find something better to do. If thirsty, get some water. If hungry, I will ask myself if this meal choice will provide nutrional value, give me fuel for my day, make me feel satisfied and lead to continued healthy eating habits? If yes, I’m on the right track. If my meal choice does not meet these standards, back to choosing something else to eat for me.

I am worthy of feeling good and treating my body like the temple it is. My body is the only one I get, my choices need to nurture it, not put toxins (fast food) in to it.

I am looking forward to the day when eating healthy, nutritious meals and exercising becomes a habit I love! Until then, “I will fake it, till I make it!”



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