I Believe In Me


2015 has been a year of soul searching thus far.

2015 will be the year I find what feeds my soul.

I’ve learned that love outweighs the hate.

If I believe in myself, others will.

I’ve learned to be strong in my beliefs for what is right and wrong.

That money does not always equal happiness.

That I need to enjoy what I do for a living and work for people I respect.

As I reflect on 2014, 2014 was a year for me to learn what I do not want in life.

I’m making 2015 the year that feeds my soul. I believe in myself.

I am worthy.

I am loved.

I am capable of anything I put my mind to.

Make 2015 the year of you! Believe in yourself!! Comment on here and let me know what you are doing for you!

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