Life’s Seasons

My Most Recent Read: Mira Kirshenbaum’s, Finding The True Meaning Of The Events In Our Lives – Everything Happens for a Reason.

As I tread and prance – depending on life’s circumstances – through and “into” my life, six decades later, I recognize that change (Choose Health, Hope, Happiness And Never Give, Get Enough) is inevitable! My fears and regrets lessen each day; and hopes and dreams continue to flourish. Choices appears, decisions occur, and life presents itself each moment. Meditation, mantras, and meaningful moments, regression, relaxation, rest, (self-) and reassurance bring forth rejuvenation!

Today and tomorrow parallel one another, at times. Today and tomorrow part ways, other times. I choose, I decide. Can’t go back that I know. Lessons appear and disappear; fate, for me, is at the forefront. What was/is relevant, the meaning of this event, experience, in my life!

Allowing, and putting my oars down, have not come easily. I’ve fought these teachings and life lessons, along the way. No longer do I deny the reference of true allowing and floating with the flow of one’s life – my life. The unexpected, serendipitous, spiritual, events in my life’s path are the most cherished. I believe.

The joys, so easily accepted and expected by me, surface naturally; and I am appreciative. Sadness, illness, death, loss, tragedy, turmoil – ever-present also – are the true teachers and prophets. Seeing, listening also being, and learning from these events thrust at me (or not!), are that for which I am grateful. After, or during, my wellness and emotional dance! …in grace and harmony…or, separate, and avoided. But, awareness, recognition, and resolution eventually surface. The outcome, solutions, and answer arrives; we, the Universe, God, the self provides. The reasons, I trust more now, and find solace and hope, in now, and what’s ahead, for me, my life on this Earth. A purpose – drives me, carries me, forward. Resilience surfaces, eventually dreams flourish, my mind and soul are one, again.

…after a significant medical event, I have a “second chance.” Time, my gift, is not taken light-heartledly. Yet, light-heartedness, joy, faith, and love guide me, now.

Choose and live for life’s seasons!



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