My Guardian Angel

In 2013, I attended a group reading with a Medium, at Exeter NH’s Women Supporting Women Center. The Mediums focus and reading centered on our current careers, what she saw necessary for our continued growth, and shared our Guardian Angels and their purpose in our lives. The Medium went around the room and focused on each of us individually with a reading. Other group members had parents, family and friends mentioned as their Guardian Angels. Then, the Medium came to me.
She immediately asked if I had a large black dog, a little hyper, but protective. I shared that growing up I had a Labrador Retriever, Shadow, who was hyper, lovable and protective. The Medium revealed that my beloved Shadow was by my side everyday, watching over me. At first, I was disappointed that I did not have a relative or friend watching over me. But, I began thinking of everything Shadow meant to me as I was growing up. Dear Shadow was in my life for 12 years. Shadow was the kindest dog, who loved me unconditionally, and would comfort me when I was sad, and would “jump up and down” with me when I was happy. Above all else, Shadow truly protected me…Though most of the time there was no danger!
Shadow fearlessly protected me from the shadows on the wall, the monster under my bed, and anything that “bumped in the night.” He stayed by my side fearlessly. Most significantly, when I was swimming at our vacation home, or in our home’s pool—for fear that I was drowning—Shadow would cannon ball in to the water, swim towards me, paws wrapped around me, trying to save me. This made it very difficult for me to swim. Over and over again, wondering why no one was helping me, Shadow barked at me, my parents, and anyone else nearby. As I matured through teen years, and in to adulthood, Shadow who was aging also became my confidante, constant supporter and true friend. Shadow and I did everything together! The more I realize that Shadow was and is my Guardian Angel, it all makes perfect sense. Shadow was here for me on Earth; of course, Shadow will always be here for me in the Universe, as one of my Guardian Angels.
Thank you, Shadow, for watching over me, keeping me safe, and loving me unconditionally.

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