My Half Accomplished Goal…Well Sort Of…



May 2013 I joined friends in The Color Vibe event in Loudon, NH. The Color Vibe is an event where people go to do a fun run or walk. As you walk or run this event, you get splattered with different colored powder dyes; and in the end, look like a spectacular walking art piece, and get to enjoy the celebratory festival! It was a fun-filled time, with many great memories. This physically and mentally challenging event was a game changer for me! I had been living a life, since my 20’s without healthy exercise habits. From the moment I finished The Color Vibe, I began looking for another race, something to help propel me forward. Through my searching, I found The October 2013 Smuttynose Half Marathon at Hampton Beach, NH. This new event was being held right down the street from me, and seemed perfect!

I convinced one of my friends, who loves fitness, to walk the half marathon with me. We created a plan to exercise daily, and to meet each weekend, to gradually walk longer and longer distances. We walked at different paths and trails throughout NH, and this was exhilarating while exercising and exploring. The Summer wore on, I lost weight, I felt healthier, and I walked 8-10 miles every weekend. I was so proud of myself! The day of The Smuttynose Half Marathon came—with much anticipation and excitement. My friend and I lined up in the “fourth wave,” ready to go…Excited about this journey. When our wave was told to begin, off we went, slowly running at first, then back to our walking. This half marathon was a test of endurance and strength and mind over body. My friend was very supportive and kept my pace, encouraging me along the way. I made it 7.5 miles before my body could not go any further, I had met my limit! As disappointed as I was feeling, I was and am very proud. I told my friend to continue going, and she crossed the finish line in just under 4 hours, it was wonderful! Our bodies are amazing instruments that can be pushed further than we ever thought possible. Who knows what’s next for me, possibly a 5K?


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