Note to Self



Just read a Facebook post, from a lifelong friend, with this title. I read the “notes to self,” and thought: These self-care, self-loves, are simple, short and meaningful. Why at times in my life, have they been so difficult to recognize, acknowledge, and follow, in my life — especially when needed most?

Conflicted at times, I chose, obviously , to take a negative path, thus continuing the negative impacts, reactions and outcomes. Making choices, taking chances, realizing a better, but uneasy, unfamiliar, or unknown path can be difficult. Of course, living through continued negativity is useless drudgery, without purpose and self-fulfillment.

If we are to be true to ourselves, we must face our circumstances, each in our own way, and be authentic and true to “our-selves!” Choosing, deciding, then following our hearts, our dreams, our visions–through to completion with a continuum brings joy, self-respect, and renewed energy levels, which carry us and will propel us forward, toward better and best! Not an easy path always. Not “right under our noses,” always. Each of us knows when something feels good, and when something does not feel good. Choose “feel goods” that are right for you, so life, daily life, is what you want it to be–


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