Oh no! I’m sick!!



Oh, no, I’m sick…but I have to! (and the list spills out).

and, so, five days in sick bay, at home. Computer at school. Paperwork at school. My pocket calendar at school. Sitting in the Dr’s waiting room-masked like many others-waiting.

Diagnosis: bronchitis, temperature, ear infection, sore throat-my head splitting, I leave the office, my husband sweetly waiting outside.

Prescriptions, doctor note for school, in-hand, I am planning; not sure what, but I am planning. I cannot stay home, how can I possibly stay home, how will I get my meetings, documents, student needs in order?

I’m home, feels good; my bed, where’s my bed? I need my bed!

To anyone else, I’d share, “stay put, practice self-care, feel better be well.

Why not to myself?!

Five days later, heading back to school Monday morning, phone calls, emails, Dr notes behind me.

Once again, the “self” was at first pushed aside; my illness surfaced, and my self was not denied!

Grow up, pay attention, relax, remain still, ask for what is needed, nestle in, remain so, and heal. I did. I am, again –


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