Planting, Growing, Nurturing


A fellow teacher and relative, posted on Facebook, early this morning, “Find Your Marigold: The One Essential Rule For New Teachers,” from the website, grabbed  every fiber in my teacher body; and my mindful spirit! A continued life journey uncovered an old, but cherished,embroidered pillow, Plant Something, make the world a better place.” I Facebooked shared! and, thus this writing began- flowing, streaming, (oars down)- allowing my heart, mind, and words to pour onto paper. Amanda’s (Mandy’s!)  encouraging; lighting a candle; listening to SoundScapes, “Gardens of the Sun (1994);” and having my Wishes, Hopes, Dreams writing pad, I’m allowing. Dick, my lifeline, cooking breakfast, the world, my world, is here now.

Current events in my own life, and in my teaching career, have my attention- at times with little room for my allowing much else. Not healthy, I’m believing today, as I move forward, (somewhat) renewed and restored!

Thank you, Universe, and all that is and will be. The marigolds in my life, significant from childhood, through to my almost – seventh decade on Earth, were brought to the forefront this morning. …one Facebook article, life changing. My ever-present marigolds carried, protected, admired, admonished,  provided, loved and nurtured me. Choices, decisions, supported and cultivated by my marigolds were the best experiences. Mistakes, errors and wrongdoings, redirected “with” my marigolds, were also the best— non-judgmental, acknowledging, empowering me toward more positive choices and beneficial ripples.

I, as a kid, teenager, young adult, and now knew what I wanted and needed: socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually. I know, and knew then, what/who felt good and who/what did not! Chilling mistakes and thrilling life lessons were, and are bountiful. Marigolds allowed; our senses must be alive and aware and “allowing!” Cherish your marigolds; Be/Become a marigold wherever, whenever blooming!

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