As another summer seaside leads me back to school, I again realize, “a teacher am I.” “My paths toward this calling, yearning for learning, were significantly stirring and propelling, with each step toward the schoolhouse door!

At 11, I chose teaching, or it chose me. Reading autobiographies of, and articles from, women who had gone before, captivated me, stimulated my thoughts, and encouraged me to learn and to want to do more. With admiration and profound respect for my teachers, all teachers, I knew I wanted to be in the classroom, with students, in front of me. In my 40’s, as a non-traditional student, I applied and was accepted to New Hampshire College’s (now Southern New Hampshire University) teaching program-a day still ever-present in my beloved memory bank. My mentor remained a friend, coach, and icon in my life, through decades-a master of “reaching and teaching.” A fellowship-which required my overseeing a state-wide, high school competitive conference-opened doors which further shaped on-going teaching careers and my life-challenging and fulfilling!

The University of NH, after earning my master’s degree, welcomed me into their Special Education Program. With two certifications, I added and have continued to add-later through UNH’s Institute on Disability’s grant program-additional teaching certifications. Still in the classroom, now as a special educator, I return to the high school environment, school year awaiting.

My husband and daughter, as always, have moved boxes and teaching memorabilia, to “ready my home, away from home.” Educational changes, protocols, demands, lows, and hierarchies have swept in and washed out-these educational waves…some welcome and relevant, some not so…Core competencies-the catalyst, now. I’ve tried, and have succeeded-creating a learning kingdom, each year within myself, and within classrooms. Students, “someone’s children,” must always be the center of a teacher’s universe; and the focus of our teacher thoughts, words, and actions-each day every day.

As I prepare for the next step, the next pathway, I cherish every minute ahead; and what has truly led me-“my earthly purpose” toward what I authentically seek: life coaching, published writing, public speaking, and offering groups, to soulful others, the life-long learners.

My life, my journeys, my paths, my legacy.

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