“Stand By Me…”

Just viewed – on FaceBook – an Tom Wiess uploaded video from February 2010… This rendition of “Stand By Me: carried me around the world, with musicians, vocalists, scenery, and the realization that I’m “gonns (always) need somebody to stand by me!” My signing along and toe – and fingers – tapping gleefully carried me across borders,and cherished blessings for those who have willingly “stood, and still stand, by me.”

The best of times, the worst of times; oh, yes, you’ve been there, with me, for me, and by me – all the way. Knowing I could, and can, rely on others, regardless of life’s tormeent, tragedies, and trying times, to help and carry me through life’s chsen and unexpected happenings, is on my Grateful List, each and every day. Drawing from others’ love and support, my can-do well and strengths are replenished and renewed. Wishes, hopes, and dreams resurface,refresh, and rejuvenate, and restore my faith, my spirit and my soul. I can move on, forward, toward my purpose.

Trusting in others, their thoughts, actions, unchallenged support – when I need this uncensored love, most, is an unquestioned gift. I allow then, their caring, and sharing into my darkest hours and trying times. I listen and I hear. I take their lessons and learn! Givers in my life are truly standing by me. Blessed am I.

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