Taking the Time for Self-Care…

Many times I find that I can decide for others – in my mind – like how-to’s, when, why’s – to better – live “their” lives. Things shift, people change. Including, me. My thoughts, decisions, and actions are centered on self-care and maintaining my emotional and physical health. My wellness and emotional mind dance, and miss steps, at times. Aware that both exist, a realization and learning with a doctoral, close friend, has guided me; and been a tool for and toward continued self-care. Self-care is essential; I cannot be there for, or give to , others – if I have not “filled my own won well,” taken time for myself, enjoyed what I value and treasure or recognize when I’m exhausted and juggling my life experience!

Walking the beach, reading, spending time with those I enjoy, recognizing special moments, valuing family, and choosing how I live, and for what are more significant, each day. Time for, time with, time to: Years ago, I co-authored a little book, “Have You Taken The Time To Notice That…” I believe we and others do remember how they/we were “made to feel.” Time is the gift, time with and for others. Time for self enables us to reflect, refresh, rejuvenate, rejoice, and to then rejoin humanity and community for giving!

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