Teachers In Our Lives


What is a teacher? Who is a teacher? At 69, I’ve had many, many teachers in this lifetime. People, places, things, notions, emotions, ideas, events–all teachers, to/with/for me! Life’s events, wanted and needed; unexpected, undesired; all manifest and leave something behind. How each of us interprets the before, during, and after effects, outcomes, and beyond, belong to us, each of us.

I believe…that if we believe “we are all one,” “we are independent,” we participate and engage as part of a greater universe or whole; or without responsibility to others, that there ARE lessons in everything. We must, therefore, be willing and allow these “lessons,” Teachers, to become the catalyst as choices, decisions, and guides along the way, our way…

I’ve experienced human teachers, guides, mentors, all my life; sometimes years later, what my lessons/teachings were/are! Always welcome, positive or negative—as foolish as that sounds—I learn something that benefits me in the next step, the next process, the next choice.

In a classroom situation, as a learner, I admired and still do, admire teachers! I am a teacher, chose to seek, apply and enter the college door, and I haven’t stopped learning. As a classroom teacher, I realize (my) students, parents/guardians, colleagues, students, are all teachers during each day.

During stressful situations and circumstances, my emotions certainly grab me, teach me—in the moment and after—what “is,” and what “is” not.” Illness, losses in any form, moves, changes, anything thrust at me, choices gone astray, accidental, unexpected and expected conditions—the list is endless—challenge us, at every twist and turn; out of our control, determines levels of emotions, our choices and decisions, as we move forward.

“In the moment,” I understand, is crucial; however, I do not always enjoy or value “each moment,” as suggested in quotes, literature, and life’s experiences. When I am calmer in the moment, practice moving slower, allowing, and creating a path for…I am better prepared, and accepting of outcomes. I can provide myself and others an oasis—although temporary—with a clearer mind and heart. Choices appear, thoughts are more rational, and decisions and results make sense—maybe short-term, maybe long-term. But a foundation is laid, and building, on “what is” becomes possible. A beginning.

Harsh teachers, celebrated teachers, with penalties or rewards, in life’s path, are our life lessons—which pave the way for today, tomorrow, and beyond. What we choose to learn, live, ¬†embrace, ignore, throw aside, cherish, apply, share, paves our way. We are all teachers. We are all students. Together, as “one.”

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