The Fashion Industry is evolving!

Recently the media was a buzz due to a young woman who is a size 22 getting a modeling contract. Talk Shows were discussing if this was a good idea to “accept fat,” models. Some were saying that it might set a bad example that “fat” is healthy as others were saying the same can be said for “too thin.”

My opinion — This is a momentous time in history. Women are beautiful in all shapes and sizes. To shame anyone is disrespectful, rude and hurtful to those who it is done to. The only thing it does is hurt society as a whole. People need to respect one another no matter what their appearance is, appearances are not everything. How about how nice, kind and helpful people are! What they do to make the world a better place!

This young woman, who has created this media frenzy is Tess Holiday, she lives in the UK. Tess is 5’5″, a size 22 and just signed with a major modeling agency. This is a step in the right direction. There are now several plus size models Robyn Lawley, Philomena Kwao and Georgina Burke to name a few. These are women with modeling contracts who have high self-esteem are proud of who they are and have been successful in following their passions.

This is perfect for young girls and women to say that it is okay to be any size and that your are beautiful no matter what size you are and you can succeed in life. I am so happy that this has happened and that the next generation of girls will hopefully not know what “fat shaming” is.

It is time to celebrate all differences. To move past the outside and look at people from the inside out. We will be remembered for what we did for society, friends and family, not what we looked like.

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