Time With Self

winter’s solstice
moon season
earth cycles
never ceasing
life’s circle–feeling refreshed
…another December birthday, this December, a new decade waiting–significant–a reflective and rejuvenating time, simultaneously. Self-care surfaces frequently, grabbing my attention, actions, and advancing forward to a more purposeful and joyful Earth-life!
Family and friends, my life’s work and play, with feel-goods, are always present. “Taking the time,” my new year mantra, carries me in the moment, where I linger longer, and reminds me time is the ‘gift.’ Sharing time with others and with my’self’ is ultra-important, now. More curious and adventurous, I must leave fear behind, forever. A purposeful and joyful life, I believe, resides in each, all of us– as human beings. Digging deeply; uncovering, and thus finding our true selves, grabbing our spirit and spunk; each of us has the phenomenal potential and extraordinary energy, within.
Essential pieces and practices of (my) life since 1974–lit candles, nature, spirituality, harmonic music, guided or silent meditations–quietly manifest; as natural ideas, possible solutions, creativity, welcome wellness, awakening, awareness, and mindfulness. My ‘self’ expands…the Universe beckons.

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