Together We Can…


“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

–African Proverb

Of late, after a significant medical event in my life, and a second chance I am reminded of purpose, making the world better, and the roles self-care and self-love play in my cherished life; mindfulness, spirituality, and moving forward, into my next earthly decade. No longer intimidating now, exhilarating!

A high-school teacher, with the love and respect for this chosen profession still within. I feel within and without, there lies a next step, not to complete me, but to expand my own authentic purpose.

I love speaking, sharing, growing, learning with others, especially women-all ages and stages. In groups, circles, speaking gigs, newsletters, classrooms since I was a young woman. I’ve felt my best, when sharing with others and personally growing in all life-long venues. Listening, respecting, learning, supporting, valuing, recognizing and honoring during personal and professional gatherings create a truly pluralistic environment of combined selves. Each individual, is then allowed to express from within, outwardly enriching themselves and others. The ripples continue effortlessly, as far as is “allowed.”

I co-authored and self-published, years ago, a small book, “Have You Taken The Time To Notice That…” with quotes and illustrations. Amanda and I published The Change Connection newsletter, which stimulated us, our wellness minds, and created further passages to newness, creativity and spiritual traditions, practices and enriching experiences in varying atmospheres and environments.

My “second chance” is not to be ignored or dismissed, or denied, that I acknowledge, recognize and embrace, fully. Not alone-except in prayers, meditations, and mantras-I believe and choose to embrace purpose, together with others who are in, and who will naturally enter this path, onward!

I believe I am never alone, that I know, the universe, God, what I allow each moment, is there, guiding…toward what is “my next.” The how, why, when, and where, I believe, unfolds as it should.

Receiving, Cheryl

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