Tough Decision – When to choose new hair stylist

When the time comes that you are bored with your hair color, cut and style but your Stylist is discouraging you from making a change, its time to move on.

I had been going to the same Salon for over 12 years. The Stylists were like family, we knew everything about each others lives. I had followed my Stylist to her Salon when she opened it. Over the years I’ve tried many styles/colors, long, short, black, blue, blonde, brown etc…For the past few months I have been wanting to to change my style and color, blonde highlights were getting old! My stylist had been discouraging me from going darker, my hair is naturally dark brown. She told me it would age me as I get older and I need to keep my hair lighter. My Stylist also began to lose her interest in styling and coloring hair. I feel she lost her spark. I began to feel the need for a change.

Today was the day, with no parting words to my long-time Stylist. I wish her the best, but it is time. I took the first step and went to a new Salon. My new Stylist was excited about coloring my hair darker and adding shorter layers. She enjoys her job and is not stuck in her ways, continues to educate herself. I love my new mocha brown hair and layers, it works perfectly with my curls!

I am very happy I made the change and encourage anyone who feels the same about their Salon to make a change. Change is good and allows growth!

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