Ology, a suffix “at the end of a word,” “body of knowledge,”…

Attending Authentic Women’s Circle (AWC), one recent Sunday, Mandy and I experienced a cultural journey,which transferred into choosing a specific topic, moving on, into, toward: I chose “Upwardology.” Our philosophy, theme for our next Circle, together, will be “Upwardology!” Abraham/Esther & Jerry Hicks discuss the Emotional Guidance System, with our take-away as reaching for that next feel-good, and better, and restoring one’s “emotional well”—and do not allow it to run dry! Recognizing angst, disgust, negativity, depression, sadness, anger, intolerance, whatever is dragging us down, is essential in refreshing, restoring, rejuvenating, and rewarding our”selves.”

In the moment, I am not always able to grab or to comprehend what I want or need to carry on; and to not remain in the muck and mire of a life event or situation–whether chosen, or thrust at me, or someone I love. As Mandy and I develop “Upwardology,” we relish the belief that moving upward with thoughts, deeds, actions, big and small, does propel us, somewhere, somehow.”Ology” processes, “Ology” developments are ongoing, a continuum of looking ahead, envisioning an answer, hope, wish, plan. Manifesting in next and next and next. …maybe unexpected, unwanted, indistinguishable, misunderstood, indescribable; but different and better. Wisdom, courage, perseverance, human, trust, self-knowledge and necessary self-care drop into our well, and continue to nourish us and our replenishing well upward. Our souls purpose, awareness, and worth, surface upward, toward what/who we are seeking; and upward toward what/who are seeking us!



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