…The title of one of my favorite books, by Mary Oliver…

It could be part of stages and ages that I now wake early–whether a school day or play day. Does it matter? I’m awake, a new day is here. Meditation, a personal practice from the 70’s; sometimes a lit candle; sometimes guided; a quiet, soulful, mindful, allowing.

Reflection enters. Thoughts and self-talk come and go. Remembering, releasing, forgetting, more allowing… I am aware, then unaware, of my breathing, and allowing. I come back to this world, and to begin the new day.

When I am open and ready, personal meditation allows my thoughts, ideas, aha moments, realizations, and letting-go, to naturally occur; each in its own time.

(Years ago, Amanda and I had the privilege of attending St. Paul’s Church in Newburyport, Massachusetts–Bishop Tom Shaw and Mary Oliver’s one day experience.)

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