Wishes, Hopes, and Dreams

I wish, I hope, I dream…I do! I don’t always believe, however, that “actions” speak louder than words; the unspoken word as well as the spoken word can surely empower and propel us forward, toward what we desire, want and need. From my successful and unsuccessful experiences, I draw strength and wisdom, toward fulfilling my purpose. Learning is key in my life; as a child and still, I yearn to learn. I cherish my pathways – self-chosen and these spontaneously placed in my journey. In the moment and hindsight move me forward, that I know. “Teachers” – all of life’s experience – are valuable and create rich resources, from which to draw. My “wellness well” is never on – empty; even during those times I am filled, emotionally, with confusion, despair, indecision and self-doubt!

Meditation, for me, since the 1970’s; journaling; looking inward; and taking the time to notice ‘what’ is going on, around and inside me, proves to suspend, support, and suggest: thoughts, insights, awareness, and produces creative energy. I am able – in my own time – to replenish my wellness – well; and to refresh and to rejuvenate – when I am ready and able – recognizing my ‘self’, and desires. Allowinng my’self’ to surface is significant. This is my life, on earth, and I am the only one who can truly live this life; authentically.

What and whom (and when) I fully engage with belongs to me. Opportunities and experiences “live” and beckon 24/7 – if I am open-minded, and ever – mindful.

Each of us has the “self-knowledge to acknowledge” to nurture wishes, hopes, and dreams – to continually awaken the self, with other pathfinders – fearlessly and joyously!


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